Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Preschool Food

I'm wondering if you guys have any great ideas for preschool lunches. I had a hard time thinking of anything to make for the baby this morning since I usually just give him bites of whatever I'm eating which is usually leftovers. Last year I made lots of wraps for Jackson's lunch with turkey and cheese, peanut butter and carrots, or our new favorite turkey with hummus and feta. He nevers complains, but I do feel bad making him the same thing over and over. Any suggestions?


Kim said...

Barrett is pretty picky and would not eat sandwiches last year(thankfully that has changed). But I send corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, turkey and cheese wraps for him. Brooklyn is a little harder, but I give her some of those same things at lunch when we are home, so you could try those. Also, cheese sticks, cut up. My kids are not picky about the temperature, so I cook evrything before and then just put an ice pack in the lunch. Brooklyn will even eat pasta and mac and cheese cold. Hope this helps.

JessBless said...

One different twist to a sandwich I like to give Aaris is a peanut butter and banana sandwich (just slice up the banana). And sometimes I drizzle a little honey on it as well (of course no honey for Titus).

LJ said...

Seth likes peanut butter crackers, almonds, gogurt, grapes, and many of the things Kim listed as well. Many times in pre-K he wanted almonds, cheese stick, fresh fruit, raw veggies, and maybe a frew crackers. Karsyn still has to be fed with a spoon, so no help there, sorry! Maybe with time I'll think of some other quick tips! Good luck :)